Value Proposition

Our value proposition as a third party marketer is that we provide start-up and other growth seeking investment strategies early access to capital via a network of 865 large RIAs who can seed small mutual funds or other investment vehicles. The economic benefit to having a considerably larger investment strategy earlier in its life cycle is extreme.

– We provide early access to capital via a network of 865 RIAs that have discretion to invest in small funds with short track records

– Of our network of 865 RIAs, 261 are invested in the funds with whom we work

– Dakota has a large network of investors at Banks and Independent Broker-Dealers who can invest in a fund as it gets larger and with a longer track record

– Dakota’s team of seven sales people conduct approximately 80 meetings a week, so a new Client on our platform gets immediate traction in the marketplace

– Our Client’s mutual funds have consistently ranked as the fastest growing funds in their peer group since the inception of their funds

– Since 2006, our team has raised ~$20 billion dollars, creating ~$130 million in recurring revenue for our Clients

​”Dakota gets to the point of why you should listen in the first 30 seconds. It is a real marketing firm with a profound sales discipline.”

~ Mark Biegel of Biegel & Waller, RIA relationship since 2006

Benefits to Partnering with Us

Access our nationwide network of 865 large RIAs

Get immediate access by tapping into Dakota’s marketing network of 865 large RIAs, 126 Banks and 51 Independent Broker-Dealers, where our team has collectively raised ~$20 billion for our Clients investment strategies since 2006.

Zero Capital Investment in Sales

Sales people are expensive and typically far more expensive than leaders of boutique investment firms realize due to their lack of exposure to the elements of distribution. Being able to leverage Dakota’s fully built out, institutional-grade sales team, who are all in the market daily doing meetings and calls, accelerates your penetration into the market without investing any capital.

Sales Execution

An often little known and under appreciated aspect of growing an investment strategy is sales execution risk. Sales cycles are long, between 9 and 36 months so a firm won’t know if a sales person is performing for at least 1-2 years and that can be very costly and time you cannot get back. Dakota’s team has a long-term, proven track record raising over ~$20 billion since 2006, effectively eliminating sales execution risk.

Strategic Insight

We call this the “fork-in-the-road” syndrome, a ever-ending issue for boutique CEOs/CIOs/Presidents. They face numerous decisions on distribution topics every day where they generally have little experience. Dakota brings 25 years of experience and insight to help assist in those distribution decisions, allowing leaders to make the right choices, saving them time, money and energy so they can focus on investing and Dakota can focus on growing their firm.

Complete Transparency

Transparency into the sales process is one of the biggest challenges for leaders of boutique investment firms. We solve that problem by providing weekly, monthly and quarterly reports on sales pipelines, channel coverage, activity and large account scorecards.

Service Offerings

Channel Coverage

– RIAs/Multi-Family Offices

– Banks

– Independent

– Broker-Dealers

– Wirehouses

– Consultants


– Full marketing team

– Create all messaging for each strategy

– Create all materials for each strategy

– Manage interactive marketing


– Account Manager assigned to each client

– 30-day Onboarding Process

– 100 day plan is created

– Semi-annual business review & audit


– One-on-one strategic planning

– Business model plans

– Distribution advice

– Storytelling approach to presentations

– Sales pitch templates and training

Sales Process

– One-on-one strategic planning

– Business model plans

– Distribution advice

– Storytelling approach to presentations

– Sales pitch templates and training


– Opportunity Pipelines

– Largest Pools of Capital Scorecards

– Activity Reports

– CRM Database Management

– Prospect Lists

Client Services

– Full client service team

– Host and manage all conference calls

– Fill out all databases

– Complete all RFPs