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Dakota Funds Group was founded in 2006 and provides outsourced sales and marketing to investment management firms. In industry parlance, we are a third party marketer. However, that term can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. While we live in the world of third party marketing, we are far cry from just a hired gun. Our seven person sales team and three person marketing and client service team act as if we are part of each firm we work for with providing transparency with detailed processes and procedures we follow. This approach has resulted in our team raising ~$20 billion for 15 different investment strategies since our founding.

Access to our Network of Investors

Dakota helps boutique firms rapidly scale their investment strategies by providing access to over 865 RIAs, 126 Banks and 51 Independent Broker-Dealers.

Why Partner with Dakota?

We are an alternative to taking the route of a sub-advised mutual fund or creating a significant in-house sales and marketing organization. We allow a boutique investment firm to create their own investment strategy and still receive an equal or greater sales, marketing and distribution capability to almost all large sub-advised strategies. The advantages for a boutique investment firm to create their own fund and partner with Dakota are that the firm:

1 . Controls their brand

2 . Has far greater control over being terminated

3 . Has far more control over distribution

4 . Has at a minimum 50% better economics

5 . Retains ownership of the asset

If you have a world class investment strategy, we believe we are the best distribution solution to maximize your profitability and help you retain more control of your mutual fund.

10:00AM EST FRIDAYS | Presented by Dakota Funds Group

On The Inner Circle Call we discuss the Call Notes from our sales meetings from the prior week; breakdown one Key Account (ex. J.P. Morgan); one Metro Area (ex. Boston); and we list New Searches and the 3-5 new RIAs we’ve learned about. 

Client Firms & Strategies

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We would love to talk to you if:

You are considering launching an investment strategy;

You’ve launched a fund and need early access to capital via a large network of RIAs;

You would like access to large pools of capital at Banks and Independent Broker-Dealers.

Benefits to Partnering

with Dakota

Eliminate Sales

Execution Risk

An often little known and under appreciated aspect of growing an investment strategy is sales execution risk. Sales cycles are long, between 9 and 36 months, so a firm will not know if a sales person is performing for at least 1-2 years and that can be very costly and time you cannot get back. Dakota’s team has a long-term, proven track record raising ~$20 billion since 2006, effectively eliminating sales execution risk.

Receive Senior

Strategic Insight

We call this the “fork-in-the-road” syndrome, a never-ending issue for boutique CEOs/CIOs/Presidents. They face numerous decisions on distribution topics every day where they generally have little experience. Dakota brings 25 years of experience and insight to help assist in those distribution decisions, allowing leaders to make the right choices, saving them time, money and energy so they can focus on investing and Dakota can focus on growing their firm.

Receive Transparency

via Dakota Reports

Transparency into the sales process is one of the biggest challenges for leaders of boutique investment firms. We solve that problem by providing weekly, monthly and quarterly reports on sales pipelines, channel coverage, activity and large account scorecards.

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